Bupa Know-It is a knowledge management platform that contains business policies, procedures and guides for contact centre staff to resolve customers issues.

Its complexities meant the system was under-utilised by staff, so IE stepped in to reimagine ways of working and subsequently the platform to proper service its users needs.

After 12 months of working in a traditional waterfall way, the Knowledge Management team realized that they needed to move much faster to achieve their transformation goals. BUPA engaged IE to help redesign and rebuild the Know-IT platform and build the team capabilities to deliver using new ways of working, based on agile and design thinking.


“With this project we’ve been able to practically demonstrate how teams can change their ways of working smoothly and quickly. We are now functioning as one team – and it’s a shining example for the future.”
Sami Yalavac - Bupa CIO



IE helped the Knowledge Management team by leading two sprints to design and plan the project and twelve sprints to deliver two releases of the project.

As part of this engagement IE:

  • Defined the teams roles, structure and reporting lines;
  • Defined the design concept, MVP and project roadmap;
  • Set up the team’s scrum boards and management reports;
  • Educated the team how to work in sprints using scrum and design thinking;
  • Demonstrated to the team how to plan sprints, review the results and run retrospectives;
  • Demonstrated how to include design thinking and customer testing during every sprint;
  • Coached the product owner, project sponsor, project manager and developers in their new roles;
  • Augmented the team with an agile coach/scrum master, designer and front end developers;
  • Led the team during the first two releases of the product;
  • Enabled a seamless transition for the BUPA team to work effectively on their own.


At the end of the engagement, the Know-It team had successfully transformed to a new way of working.

The business and IT people worked together in one collaborative, collocated, cross functional team that delivered value every two weeks. They continuously prioritised their work by business value and tracked it on big visual boards so everyone could see it. They designed and tested concepts and prototypes with users every two weeks to make sure that they were delivering what their users wanted. They worked together to identify and resolve blockers and they held regular retrospectives to continuously improve. Following the engagement the teams were able to successfully continue with new ways of working, unassisted.

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