The customer experience involved the distribution of a physical “passport” that detailed the offers.

This offline process created the following challenges for Vicinity Centres:

  1. Due to print cycles, offers required 6-month commitments from retailers
  2. Due to the offline nature of the passport, attribution and uptake was difficult to measure


IE was approached to co-design a reimagined digital passport that:

  1. Allowed centre and head office staff to quickly onboard and distribute the passport to customers
  2. Gave head office staff the tools to offer their retail partners greater flexibility in their offers
  3. Allowed the accurate measurement and attribution of offer redemption
By collaborating with IE on the development of the Tourism Passport we were able to rapidly build out concepts and prototypes that we could test on real customers. This process provided us data that allowed us to prioritise the features we truly needed to get a product to market on time and in budget, as well as create a backlog of features we would address in future iterations.

For Vicinity Centres, we had successfully digitised a previously manual business process and offline customer experience.


IE and Vicinity Centres worked closely over a period of 10 weeks to co-design a solution that addressed the key challenges and delivered on the product goals.

Key to the success of this rapid product development was the early and repeated involvement of customers in the design process. By involving customers, IE was able to ensure that the final solution not only delivered on the key business objectives but also created value for the intended audience.

While the engagement and approach was design-led, the final solution utilised a range of technologies to achieve the desired experience.

The technology stack of the solution involved integrating into Vicinity Centres’ data lake, whilst leveraging a headless CMS, two progressive web apps, AWS and Auth0 to create a seamless registration process that begins on a kiosk at the concierge desk and is completed on the customer’s personal device in real time. This architecture has allowed Vicinity Centres to quickly scale the experience across multiple centres under different brands.


The new, customisable platform delivers a flexibility to retailers that allows Vicinity to offer their centre visitors more compelling, searchable offers and accurate redemption attribution.

The customer-facing application has allowed Vicinity to better service over 800 high-value foreign and interstate centre visitors in the first 3 months since launch.

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