Cost, anxiety and effort can deter visits to the dentist.

With the Mint*d team, we identified an opportunity to provide a dental solution that reduces these issues to allow for a frictionless, pain-free experience - both when booking and when in the chair. Mint*d had observed the transparent pricing and service models in overseas markets and, with the emergence of this model being offered by new competitors in the Australian market, they wanted to ensure they were early to market to avoid losing first mover advantage. 


How might we make going to the dentist as easy and stress-free as possible?

I’ve been around the traps a long time and we’ve been talking about some of these things for years... to achieve what you’ve done in 4 months is amazing and we’re really excited to get it out there to customers.

IE supported Mint*d in building a business case that validated the demand for a new dental solution, executing this strategy through a complete omnichannel experience.


The Mint*d, VML and IE teams collaborated to deliver a truly unique dental experience delivered through a seamless omnichannel strategy.

Use of Agile Scrum Methodology helped us deliver this piece of work as a minimum viable product in just 8 two week sprints. The IE team also created a “sprint zero”, which was used to scope out key features through careful customer testing and storyboarding. The insights achieved from these two weeks allowed for clear “Jobs to be done” to be uncovered. This was supported by upfront product incubation strategies to validate market fit. By keeping the experiences lean, limiting meetings and then delivering as many customer-focused features as possible, we could move at speed whilst still maintaining a high quality code base that delivered a complete product.

As the team learnt more about the technology, their customers and the ongoing changing environment, the agile team was able to adapt fast and minimise any wastage. The team dealt with changing business requirements that required customisable backend structured pricing models (based on studio locations), and changing technical environments with 3rd party CRM integrators Dentrix Ascend as well as the obvious impacts on COVID-19 to launch dates. 


Mint*d’s integrated digital and in store offering is designed to reflect transparency and reinforce a sense of freshness and simplicity.  Every feature the team built was tested against these values and delivered with the target end user in mind.

The online experience was built with a key focus on “what you get” and “what you will pay” for your dental experience. Underpinning this message was a refined, intuitive UX with digital long forms and deep personalisation and customisation options.

For the first time, customers were able to see exactly what they will pay and exactly how long they would expect to be in the chair. Customers were given a personalised Digital Treatment Profile, with access to their X-Rays, treatment plans, appointment history and Refer a Friend promotions. Through the profile, customers had full control and transparency over their current, past and future experiences with Mint*d. The profile dashboard was created to drive value from the core of the Mint*d experience without losing the brand’s youthful essence.

In store technologies by Foyer were deployed to support the in-studio experience. Whitelabeled with the Mint*d brand, Foyer empowered walk-ins to have a seamless booking experience. Customers could simply walk up to a self-service counter and within seconds secure an appointment with Mint*d in real-time.

The self service kiosk interface delivered by Foyer also allowed for existing customers arriving for their appointment to check in and cover-off any outstanding forms prior to their appointment.  Together with the digital online experience, Foyer enabled a full end-to-end Mint*d branded journey for customers.

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