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Uplift your teams capabilities and transform the way you work.


IE helps you build high performance teams

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Tranformation consulting

Transform your organisation’s ways of working, boost your productivity, increase your speed to market and collaboration levels, while maintaining a focus on the customer.

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Understand your current baseline metrics to measure performance and improve your ways of working by establishing new objectives for success in your organisation.

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INTERACTIVE Short courses and training

Uplift capabilities and optimise your teams performance with fully customised short courses and training programs designed specifically for your organisation’s level of knowledge, structure and objectives.

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Ongoing coaching and embedded teams

Maximise the benefits of your training by embedding expert practitioners and agile coaches within your teams, ensuring a smooth transition to agile ways of working.


(i.e.learning,) courses

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Design Thinking

Reframe the way your business thinks about getting outcomes. Using empathy and experimentation, Design Thinking enables participants to make better decisions and improve customer experiences.

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Product Owner

Product Owner is a fast paced and interactive course that focuses on value-driven product delivery and key agile practices designed to emphasise collaboration and customer value.

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Agile Fundamentals

Agile Fundamentals is an interactive and engaging course that focuses on the agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts for professionals.

Create a plan that is tailored to meet your needs and aligned with your transformation vision.

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Recent Clients

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An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Jack Welch
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