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Uplift your teams capabilities and transform the way you work.

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Product Owner


Empower teams to deliver value for your business

Enhance collaboration, increase your impact

Product Owner is a fast paced and interactive two-day course that focuses on value-driven product delivery and key agile practices designed to emphasise collaboration and customer value. 

On completion of the program, participants will receive an international certificate from ICAgile, a leading body for agile practitioners.

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Why Product Owner?

Our course provides you with the practical tools to:

  • Create environments conducive to frequent and transparent collaboration

  • Build high performance teams

  • Communicate with influence

  • Understand value, and how to plan to deliver it

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What you'll learn...

Day 1 

  • Introduction: What is product ownership

  • Theory: The Agile Manifesto

  • Theory: Value management in various agile “flavours”

  • Exercise: Levels of product ownership

  • Activity: Product owner role

  • Exercise: Thinking skills, critical thinking

  • Exercise: Ask the tough questions

  • Activity: Systems thinking, flexibility of thinking

  • Simulation: Bridge, not ferry

  • Activity: Show, don’t tell

  • Activity: Flexibility in communication

  • Simulation: Influence, not power

  • Activity: Standing up for business value

  • Theory: Bridge understanding gaps

  • Activity: Keeper of responsible decisions

  • Workshop: Analyse to determine value

  • Activity: Communicating and defining value

  • Exercise: Articulating value proposition

  • Simulation: Identifying measurable outcomes and goals

Day 2

  • Exercise: Identifying initiative risks and defining cope

  • Activity: Artefacts

  • Exercise: Just enough modeling

  • Activity: Stakeholder analysis

  • Exercise: Modeling to understand

  • Simulation: User needs and habits

  • Activity: Determining and maintaining value

  • Simulation: Creating the delivery roadmap

  • Exercise: Exploring the solution

  • Activity: Defining quality and quality tradeoffs

  • Simulation: Progressive elaboration

  • Exercise: Communicate using examples

  • Simulation: Slicing and chopping

  • Exercise: Be comfortable with ambiguity

  • Theory: Managing artefact change

  • Simulation: Understanding what is doable

  • Exercise: Assessing and validating delivered value

  • Activity: How to give bad news

  • Simulation: Retrospective

Highly innovative training style, with integrated digital and multimedia delivery. I recommend the certification to anyone seeking principles and frameworks to apply the agile mind set within their organisation.
— Emily Knowles, Business Consultant - Nous
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