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Design Thinking

Join our interactive course and reframe the way your business thinks about getting outcomes.


Solve problems creatively to drive innovative solutions

Design Thinking teaches participants how to make better decisions and improve customer experiences by using empathy and experimentation. By understanding customer context, needs and pain points, teams can know how to better define the problems they are attempting to solve.

Start Involving customers in the design process to validate assumptions and de-risk projects.

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Use the Design Thinking process

Design is no longer simply a tool for those who pursue a career as designers.

The Design Thinking course introduces participants of all backgrounds to the fundamentals of human-centred design, and how they can be applied to many situations.

Participants will learn divergent and convergent thinking, or how to quickly explore a wide range of possibilities, choosing the best problems to focus on, and the best solutions to test.

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What are the learning outcomes?

This is a hands-on introductory session to get you familiar with the tools and theories of design thinking.  We’ll cover the foundational concepts and provide you with some useful techniques and tools that can be applied in any organisation that wants to be customer-centric in its approach.

By the end of this one-day course you will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts and business value of design thinking

  • Refer to and use the double-diamond theory of design for creative impactful problem-solving

  • Understand various methods of conducting and documenting user research

  • Gain empathy for end-users and understand their needs 

  • Synthesise research findings to find overall themes to inform the design of a product or service

  • Build low fidelity prototypes to use as a basis for gathering feedback on an idea, solution or concept

  • Provide and gather meaningful feedback in the design process

We found that the enhanced communication around shared work priorities has helped us get more out of every hour & work cohesively as a team.
— Stephanie Barr, Founder & MD - Barr Group
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