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Uplift your teams capabilities and transform the way you work.

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Agile Fundamentals


Hasten the timeframe between ideas & outcomes

Keep up with the demands of today’s ever-changing workforce.

Influence executives to innovate.

Agile Fundamentals is an interactive and engaging two-day course that focuses on the agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts for professionals.

On completion of the program, participants will receive an internationally recognised certificate from ICAgile, a leading body of agile practitioners.

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Why learn agile?

Agile is a smarter way of working based on flexibility and collaboration, enabling you to deliver results quickly. 

By understanding what agility means you’ll be able to:

  • Empower teams to rapidly develop products and services that customers love

  • Apply principles and tools to increase productivity

  • Utilise agile rituals such as sprint planning, daily stand ups and sprint reviews

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What you’ll learn…

Day 1

  • Activity: Meet and greet

  • Simulation: Kanban board

  • Theory: Introduction to agile principles

  • Theory: Agile Manifesto

  • Exercise: Pocket sized principles

  • Theory: Beyond software development

  • Activity: The agile mindset

  • Exercise: Getting to the heart of agile

  • Activity: Paper plane game

  • Theory: Agile as a journey

  • Exercise: Developing soft skills

  • Theory: Agile collaboration techniques

  • Simulation: Soft skills and collaboration in practice: the communication race

Day 2

  • Theory: Introduction to customer and user personas

  • Simulation: Knowledge management project

  • Theory: Introduction to estimations

  • Activity: Presentation – planning poker

  • Activity: Cooking estimation game

  • Activity: Incremental development

  • Activity: Get to work game

  • Activity: Scrum techniques game

  • Theory: Scrum overview

  • Exercise: Work-in-progress

  • Activity: Sudokuban game

  • Exercise: Storytelling

The simulations and game-based learning activities allowed for easy and fast understanding of the agile principles - with immediate application.
— Brendan Thornton, Senior Business Partner - Australia Post
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