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What Might You Discover at One of Our Product Leaders Events?

Innovation and experience collided at our most recent Product Leaders Mixer in late February.

What Might You Discover at One of Our Product Leaders Events?

Innovation and experience collided at the recent Product Leaders Mixer in late February. It was wonderful to host some of Melbourne’s brightest product leaders and unite a community of corporate executives, industry experts, and technology creators that believe in the power of product-led growth.

The Why 

Our community events aim to give Melbourne’s product people together socialise and learn. We aim to bring together different points if view giving this group an inspirational forum for unleashing industry best practices. We simply want to create a new and enrichning space for product people to grow connections and unpack extraordinary results between their work and home office. It feels good to re-open the gates for those seeking to connect, share, learn, educate and collaborate amongst interesting conversations.

What have our product leaders discovered so far?

The topic of discussion at our recent event was ‘Product Reslience in an economic downturn’. An exciting panel of product leaders from some of the most renowned organisations including Lexus, Amazon and Bupa shared their wisdom and knowledge on maintaining and exceeding growth. Below are some of the key insights…

Back your people to do the right thing

Leaders from various industries shared their experience in fostering an environment where teams feel supported and encouraged to take risks and try new things. It is crucial to create an open and transparent culture for people to feel comfortable asking questions, sharing ideas, and providing feedback. This has empowered teams to make informed decisions and drive innovation forward without fear of punishment.

Make it all about the customer

By creating a customer-centric culture within the company, executives have granted employees an opportunity to understand the importance of customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience at every decision-making process. This leads to prioritising customer needs and desires, gathering feedback and data, working closely with product teams, and establishing clear communication channels. This has ensured that their companies are delivering the best possible customer experience and are investing in a long-term loyal customer base.

Give away more with less

Our product community shared their various approaches to delivering more value to customers with fewer resources. They have successfully differentiated their products, have reduced costs and improved efficiency. One way was to adopt a lean approach to product development. This means prioritising the features and capabilities that deliver the most value to customers while also minimising waste and unnecessary complexity. By adopting a lean approach, you can reduce development costs, shorten time-to-market, and deliver a more streamlined and user-friendly product.

Experiment without regrets

Panellists recognised the potential of approaching product development with a mindset of exploration and experimentation. This means being willing to try new ideas, take risks, and learn from failures without regretting the outcomes. It is important to establish a culture of innovation and risk-taking within the company. This could involve providing employees with the freedom and resources to try new ideas and approaches, while also creating a supportive environment that encourages collaboration and constructive feedback.

What did our product leaders love most about attending?

Here’s what our community loved about our most recent event.

“It’s great to hear challenges being experienced in other industries, and the various techniques being employed to tackle these challenges.”

“Meeting new people and putting faces to IE names”

“Meeting new industry leaders and breaking down the barriers between client and consultant.”

Sparking extraordinary conversations through community, collaboration, and innovation.

The recent Product Leaders Mixer has demonstrated the power of community, collaboration, and innovation. Our product leaders have shared valuable insights on fostering a culture of resilience, customer centricity, lean product development, and experimentation. By prioritising people, customers, and value, they have already discovered the power of a strong network. IE can’t wait to continue facilitate opportunities for product people to unleash their full potential and drive product-led growth forward.

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