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Chloe Smith

Unlocking The Power of Product

This week, a Product Talk by Christian Idiodi, ‘The Essence of Product’ took the IE office by storm.

Unlocking The Power of Product

There’s nothing we love more at IE than when a product video goes viral in our slack channels! IE’s teams have been circulating this incredibly insightful and entertaining Product Talk by Christian Idiodi on ‘The Essence of Product’

Christian Idiodi is a partner at the Silicon Valley Product Group, where he enables companies to build innovative products by understanding the techniques they use to make decisions, create value and solve problems. In this talk, Christian explains that as businesses compete to differentiate themselves and offer customers more value, it's becoming increasingly important to understand the power of product. 

"The power of product lies in its ability to solve a problem and make life easier for the user". – Christian Idioi

In a world where products are a dime a dozen, it's important to stand out and offer something unique and valuable to the customer. To achieve this, we find it valuable to help our clients understand the essence of product and what it truly means to deliver meaningful value.

But what is the power of product, and how can businesses harness it to drive success?’

According to Christian, too many businesses are focused on adding features to their products instead of solving problems. "When you're trying to build a product, it's easy to get caught up in adding features, but that's not what your customer wants," he explains. "They want you to solve their problems." In order to understand the power of product and deliver meaningful value, you need to know what your customer truly needs and focus on solving that problem.

How do we solve the problem of delivering meaningful value to the customer? 

As a product owner, empathy is your northern star throughout the product development process. "You need to put yourself in your customer's shoes and understand their pain points," Christian says. "Once you understand what they need, you can build a product that truly solves their problems." Our clients have found that when they align products to focus on the customer and their needs, they have created world-class products that stand out and more importantly, offer real value.

How do IE teams help elevate our clients' product success? 

According to Christian, a great product team tackles product risk early, defines products collaboratively, and focuses on results, not output. Achieving this requires our teams to fully embrace a product mindset, one that is less about what companies do and how they do it, and more about improving the lives of others in a meaningful way.

Hence, the key to delivering meaningful value ultimately comes down to 3 key takeaways…

  1. Solve a problem, not just add features.
  2. Understand your customer's pain points and needs.
  3. Empathy is key to delivering meaningful value.

Christian inspires us to approach product development like a race, to improve the lives of customers in a way so meaningful that they appreciate it, whether through revenue, engagement, loyalty, adoption, retention, or success. By understanding the essence of product and focusing on delivering meaningful value, our clients can create products that stand out and offer real value to the end-user.

We’re always excited to help our clients unlock the power of product and deliver meaningful value to their customers. Let us help your company do the same!

Watch Christian Idiodi's full presentation here.

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