We partnered with a large automobile manufacturer to create a clear path forward, removing years of accrued technical and organisational debt.

Across many of our client partners, we often see both technical debt and organisational debt accrue after years of building and integrating various legacy systems. Over time, this creates a significant headwind in the form of slower development time and added cost in rolling out new features. One of our clients, a large automobile manufacturer, faced this exact challenge and asked us to help simplify their systems to unlock greater efficiency and capability in future.


A large array of technology applications supported the automaker in providing its customers with a loyalty programme. Over many years of iterative development, this had become overly complex and extremely labour-intensive to manage. The resulting technical and organisational debt hampered their ability to rapidly leap forward into new initiatives.

“We had hit the upper limit of what we could do with the current tech stack.” - Michael Johnson, Engineer, IE


IE conducted a discovery in which we audited the entire technology architecture and user experience. We then built out a plan to simplify the architecture and a roadmap for implementation. A key consideration was ensuring we maintained a seamless customer experience throughout every stage of the transition from the current state to the future state. A great deal of the planned transition would also involve replacing older legacy systems with newer, more powerful platforms to unlock greater future capabilities.


Across 15 weeks, we mapped out all dependencies between the various systems, including a cloud data warehouse, a CRM platform, an ERP system, and identity management software. The resulting outputs included both current state and future state architecture diagrams of both the technology stack and resulting user experience. We also provided a comprehensive roadmap to transition to the future state and uplift the customer experience at key milestones.

The client now has a clear path forward to remove years of accrued technical and organisational debt. They are unlocking a huge amount of functionality that felt out of reach only months earlier. Morale has surged and there is a palpable excitement about future enhancements to the customer experience. IE is so proud to have been a key partner in supporting our client to continue to innovate and transform the customer experience in the Australian automotive industry.

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