Skalata Ventures

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Founded in 2018, Skalata Ventures is a fully-integrated seed investment program designed to help early stage companies prepare to scale and grow into significant and sustainable businesses. Their vision is to see Australia transform to a knowledge economy, and they required a brand identity to reflect their ambitions, values and mission.

Speed was critical as the business was gearing up for a launch event, a new website and kicking off their marketing strategy.



In order to deliver an authentic, minimum viable brand with limited time IE conducted a two week Lean Brand sprint in which a validated brand story, communication strategy and visual identity were produced. Through two half day client workshops and a concentrated production effort from the design team the following was delivered;

  • A defined brand story exploring the positioning, personas, promise and other key attributes of Skalata Ventures’ brand narrative.

  • An agreed initial communication strategy, detailing the appropriate communication channels for the brand and what should be distributed through them.

  • A tone of voice document outlining the style of communication to be applied in various scenarios.

  • A logo, colour palette, typography and an initial suite of design collateral required to launch the brand across all channels.

  • A report documenting the results of testing of the new brand on 5 customers, identified as Skalata Ventures’ primary audience persona.

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Following two successful workshops the IE team were able to confidently create and deliver the brand that Skalata Ventures required to launch the company.

By taking an accelerated approach to the branding process whilst considering all of the key elements of a minimum viable brand, IE were able to significantly speed up a traditionally slow-paced process.

Having created and proposed a brand that Skalata Ventures approved of, the acid test was validating it with five entrepreneurs that fitted Skalata Ventures’ primary audience persona. The testing was a resounding success with all test participants agreeing that the brand felt impactful and representative of the type of organisation being described.

Skalata Ventures’ launch party went as planned, a new website was subsequently designed and launched by IE and the business continues to grow with a solid brand identity, looking to adapt and evolve as it learns more about its audience and their expectations.


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