frank green is an innovative product design company that creates a range of reusable, sustainable and unconventional cups and bottles. They came to IE to help elevate their brand, online experience and ensure that their sustainability message was front and centre.

frank green’s products provide unparalleled design and ingenuity - pick up one of their cups or bottles and you can see the level of detail and clever thinking that has gone into making each component. Innovation is built into the product experience. Pay for a coffee by simply waving your cup at the checkout, for instance.

The product range is highly coveted, so we needed to ensure that the online presence reflected frank green's brand and product experience. We needed to revitalise the frank green brand, clarifying the core messaging and developing a new web app experience.

We identified three elements needed for success:

  • Create a streamline and engaging web experience

  • Emphasise the produce features and educate consumers on their benefits

  • Demonstrate how frank green is creating an impact through a non-disposable way of living

IE3757A_FRANKGREEN_HERO_12SEPT_SHOT3_V01.01_LowRes (1).jpg


Three sprints were planned to rapidly test new branding, interaction designs, visual design and complete the development of the application.

  • Lean Brand sprint was implemented to define frank green’s personality, brand strategy, core messaging, and tone of voice.

  • The design sprint prototyped solutions and interfaces with customer testing in order to create a website framework.

  • A development sprint galvanised the new designs to generate a working product.


The team consisted of the following capabilities:

  • Lead Consultant

  • UI Design

  • UX Design

  • Front-End Development

  • Back-End Development


By working closely with the frank green, the IE team quickly developed a prototype to put forward for customer testing.

Customer personas and user journeys were developed to better understand how the frank green website could deliver the right messages. Tailoring the experience to these personas gave direction to the user journey, and through live user testing these journeys were tailored for the best experience possible.

Frank green Mobile.jpg


The new frank green website is fast and mobile first design that allows customers to easily select, customise and purchase their desired products. The site delivers a seamless experience that builds the brand equity and creates lasting reasons for customers to return in order to manage their account, replace parts or upgrade their favourite items.

At the completion of the last sprint, the assets produced for frank green included new brand guidelines, online marketing assets and a new eCommerce website utilising the Shopify Plus platform.

shopify plus logo.png

IE is a registered Shopify Plus Partner


“Today is a very exciting day for frank green. Partly because of the new website but also because of the celebration of how fantastically we have worked together to achieve an amazing on-time result.”



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