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Captain's Choice and IE worked together to create an award-winning Sitecore website, providing a unique means for consumers to plan their travel online.

Captain’s Choice is Australia’s expert in inspired travel, priding itself on setting new standards in personalised luxury travel around the world. As the brand’s previous website didn’t have the premium feel associated with the Captain’s Choice experience, the team engaged IE Digital to develop and design a new site on the Sitecore platform.



It is widely recognised that the fastest growing demographic in online users are within the 50-75 age bracket. 50% of this demographic are also more likely to abandon online tasks if they’re not easy to complete. With this in mind, Captain’s Choice and IE made the decision to focus on creating a uniquely optimised user experience for a senior generation.

  • Drive advocacy and loyalty by delivering a premium experience;

  • Target a growing older demographic (aged 50-75);

  • Create a platform which enhances the booking experience pre-tour and post-tour and;

  • Deliver easily-downloadable brochures and gather customer data through integration with Salesforce.


IE went through an extensive UX and design phase to determine the user’s requirements. In designing for a senior demographic, the team ensured the site:

  • Had larger than average text;

  • Established a high contrast between the text and backgrounds;

  • Delivered a more forgiving experience on mobile, for example, all button and form elements needed to be quite large and;

  • Did not prioritise form over function, the user still needed to use visual cues;

  • After determining these requirements, IE developed a modular framework on the Sitecore platform to afford the Captain’s Choice team maximum flexibility in updating content, creating new tour pages and executing future campaigns.

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IE’s front-end and back-end development teams worked closely with design to ensure all the user requirements were met.

The team used some of the most current technologies to enhance performance, usability and take full advantage of Sitecore’s enterprise capabilities, including:

  • Bootstrap to handle the layout and responsive elements;

  • AngularJS, Bauer, Gulp as front-end technologies;

  • Lazyloading, Minified CSS, optimised and device specific images for performance optimisation;

IE’s .NET developers optimised and executed the Sitecore Experience Platform on the Captain’s Choice site. The team set up profiles in the Experience Platform, which segmented users based on travel region. As customers explore the site they are ‘scored’ based on their browsing behaviour, then the Feature Tours section will show only the most relevant content which they’ve scored highest for. Finally, the website exists as a multi-site instance, so Captain’s Choice can either re-use Australian content or populate the back-end with different assets for each global site.


IE was engaged to create the interaction design, the visual design and the development of the website. The team consisted of the following capabilities:

  • Lead Consultant

  • Project Managers & Owners

  • Scrum Master / Iteration Manager

  • UI Design

  • UX Design

  • Front-End Development

  • Back-End Development

  • Business Analysis & Testing



Since launching, the team has seen staggering growth in users and pageviews across the site. Together we created a site that wasn’t just functional, but enhanced the travel experience from the moment consumers start planning their trip.

These statistics compare the first two months post launch, to the second two months:



increase in sessions


increase in pageviews


increase in users


“It’s been a long and complex process but we are ecstatic with the results. From the start we felt we could trust the team at IE to guide us from a technical standpoint and they quickly proved themselves with an intensive UX and design process. Now, almost every aspect of the website can be customised by our staff within Sitecore, without any need for developers to step in. From the colours of the backgrounds and buttons, to the entire layout of a page – we can do almost anything we can think of.”



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