Why Amcal is combining digital with physical to lift customer engagement

“Wander through any shopping centre, theme park or restaurant and you’ll see people staring avidly at their mobile devices. But in almost all instances, there’s a good chance that their digital experience has no connection to their immediate surrounds. So with consumers already living a blended physical/digital life, shouldn’t providers of physical experiences be stepping up to deliver accompanying digital ones?”

In a recent CMO article, the concept of ‘phygital’ – merging physical and digital experiences – is discussed in relation to how brands can better engage customers everywhere.

One of the brands doing this is Amcal Pharmacy, of Sigma Pharmaceuticals. The organisation’s GM of multichannel, Claire Pallot, outlined some of the reasons why they’ve made the decision to invest in this hybrid area.

“In our industry, immediacy defines relevance, so we want to make sure we are responding and serving customer needs,” Pallot says. “The pharmacists can still do that assisted shop with the shopper, but this gives them much broader range of products to purchase.”

The Amcal stores will have 55-inch touch screen kiosks that present a ‘reworked version of Amcal’s online presence’. The team from IE Digital and FoyerLive have been working with the team to craft an experience that meets customer demands and exceeds expectations.

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