What’s it like to intern at IE?

An interview with Alex Granland

This past week we had Alex Granland intern within our client engagement team as a marketing assistant. I asked her a few questions about her time with IE and here are her responses:

What’s your industry background before coming to IE?

After graduating high school in 2014, I’m currently in my first year of university studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. Although I’m currently working in retail at accessories store Lovisa, interning at IE has been my first real experience in a business environment.

What were you most interested in learning about during your internship?

As I’m majoring in marketing, I was most interested in gaining first-hand knowledge and experience in this field of work, away from uni textbooks and lectures. Specifically, the use and importance of social media for businesses. After researching IE’s background and discovering they work with big brands like Sportsgirl and Nike, I was also intrigued to discover what kind of digital services they provide, and the processes behind their creation and execution. Finally, through interning at IE, I hoped to discover more about the types of roles required to successfully run a digital agency.

How has your time at IE helped evolve that?

When working at IE, I undertook a variety of tasks which gave me a really good insight what the agency does, and the type of environment they work in. Every morning I completed Daily Article Reporting, whereby I searched through various publications to select current news and industry reports relevant to the agency. Through reading and summarising these articles, I was able to discover more about the fields of social media, new technologies, agile training, customer experience techniques, data driven insights and the overall digital landscape. My next task of Market Mapping required me to produce a document detailing all of the tier one businesses based in Melbourne which IE could potentially work with in the future. I was able to analyse each organisation’s social media platforms as well as look into the digital agencies which they had previously worked with. Again, this really allowed me to gain more knowledge about the industry and the kind of work and research undertaken by IE. Finally, working on the Media Hit List gave me the opportunity to research and discover the types of organisations and contacts IE reaches out to for a new launch.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen in your time here?

On my first day interning at IE, I was able to sit in on an interview with Shazam in which they shared various new features on the app, gave interactive demonstrations and discussed the future direction for the business. Being able to hear directly from such a successful and relevant company was really exciting and intriguing.

What do you like about the agency and agency life?

Although working at IE was my first experience interning at an organisation, my first and lasting impressions of the agency are really positive. The actual office is really spacious, modern and comfortable and the team members seem really positive and connected with one another. The music playing in the background also made for a really relaxing and stress-free environment. The type of work IE does and the successful businesses they’re able to work with is also a really big positive.

Do you think agile is a great way of working?

In my four days working at IE, I was able to learn about agile development and how its various principles can be effectively applied within a digital agency. I discovered more about agile through my research for Daily Article Reporting alongside attending an agile training. Hearing IE team members discuss agile principles involving simplicity, utilizing motivated individuals and effective communication allowed me to discover the benefits of working in an agile environment

Any other interesting things you’d like to add?

Interning at IE has given me a really realistic and positive insight into what it’s like working in a digital agency, especially within the field of marketing. I’ve been able to further develop skills and explore new ones. Thanks IE for the experience!

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