What it means to be a Magento Gold Solution Partner

A platform and partnership

IE Agency has been working with the Magento Enterprise platform for many years now, a relationship that whilst building slowly has gathered momentum over the last 18 months and culminated in the award of the position of Gold Solution Partner in the first quarter of 2014.

Building relationships in the digital landscape is crucial for project success.

Partnering with your platform provider is a must for long term business development.

Being a partner of Magento brings a range of benefits to any supplier. However, being a Magento Gold Partner on the other hand is an honour and a privilege. This is a result of hard work and dedication to a single platform and technology as a business must strive to prove they’re proficient with one of the worlds leading e-commerce platforms.

This position means IE Agency is capable of delivering class leading Enterprise solutions within the competitive Australian retail landscape, by delivering seamless retail platform implementations for some of Australia’s biggest household names.

The Connected Commerce team at IE has a unique approach to using Magento Enterprise as a base platform. The creativity in our extension of the core functionality is unique and we have been lucky enough to partner with the likes of Facebook and Paypal to develop class-leading solutions. We have delivered syndicated content delivery, race and event booking applications, whilst also building an augmented reality mobile application to drive mobile traffic to both physical and digital stores. It is the result of this work and our commitment to Magento that has earned us the privileged status of Gold Partner.

As a partner we are invited to work closely with the team at Magento, constantly being made aware of the latest trends and updates on the Magento Enterprise platform. It is a result of this close working relationship that IE partnered with Magento to respond to a Platform Request For Information that has seen Magento not only eliminate a number of global enterprise platforms, but make the final two in the race (and the winner is yet to be determined!)

Along with regular attendance at industry meet up’s as well as Magento’s annual Imagine conference, IE also actively engage with the Magento Industry Partner ecosystem to host Forums here in Australia. These are just some of the many ways IE goes above and beyond the expected partner relationship.