Sitecore Trendspot Wrap – Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager

I had the privilege to travel to Sydney in early October with IE Agency; to experience the Sitecore yearly Trendspot conference.

At the event I came across a tool in the Sitecore tool-belt that I haven’t seen before. It absolutely astounded me, so I figured it was well worth a mention to other Sitecore-ians.

The tool is called Sitecore Federated Experience Manager.

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager allows you to track, profile and personalise websites and applications that do not run on Sitecore.

It’s not only very impressive, but also seems very easy to use and well worth looking into if you need to do any of the following:

  • Distribute CMS content to other platforms

  • Serve personalised content based a user’s browsing behavior on other platforms

  • Extend the digital marketing capabilities to all websites and applications (track users and their behaviour on web properties other than your sitecore site.)

  • Setting up the FEM once its installed is simple and looks like this:

Setup a site definition item to tell Sitecore about the new site and its domain name etc
Add a beacon script to the external site

Generate the mirror items (3 really easy options are available here but I won’t go into the specifics)


Once this has been done mirror items exist that reflect the page structure of the external platform and these can be manipulated in sitecore.

Below shows the view of an external site inside of Sitecore. Sitecore fetches the external site and then gives the author a page editor view of the external platform.

This enables the author to easily add a placeholder to the page and define where they want to inject content.


The above is a very high level overview of the platform and only covers a very small subset of the platforms capabilities and features.

This is a great tool should you want to quickly and easily consolidate content to distribute to platforms.

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