Sitecore Digital Survivor with Jay Baer on Youtility

A masterclass in marketing and content

Last week some of our team members were lucky enough to attend Sitecore’s roving Digital Survivor Roadshow with Jay Baer. Baer is a New York Times best selling author, with publications focussed on smart marketing in a cluttered environment. The room was filled with CMOs and senior marketing professionals so, of course, the conversation was bound to be quite lively.

The intention of Baer’s presentation was to demystify the central marketing trends prevalent in the industry, and shed some practical light on how businesses can approach channels in their marketing strategies.

He opened with the statement: “marketing is hard”. From there, there was no question in the audiences’ minds that we’re in a period of flux and it’s going to be a challenging road ahead. As customers are growing ever more passionate and opinionated on their consumption of content, it’s now time for marketers to focus heavily on speaking their language.

The most important point raised by Baer was his concept of “Youtility”; pushing out content that puts the power in the consumer’s hands. Online channels are now strongly used to research information, so it’s important to arm your audience with exactly the right content they need to make a decision and convert.

Take social media as an example, brands are now placing their marketing messages alongside that of their friends and family. This is a huge challenge for businesses, as it raises the question: how can you compete with content from people we know and love?

Finally, the last focus point, which is very close to IE’s way of thinking about technology and digital marketing, is humanisation. By speaking, acting and transacting in a human way, you automatically build trust with your audience. Any kind of falsity or illusion is immediately rejected by brands nowadays – and remembered or posted about on social media! A simple way to do this is by putting a human in front of your customers and acting as such in your content.

To read Jay’s presentation, head to this link:

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