Profile: Olivier Michelet – Head of Content


When I chatted with IE Agency’s team lead based at Telstra, Olivier Michelet, it became apparent that his love of all things digital started at a young age. With a career spanning nine years, and counting, Olivier has worked for some of the worlds biggest brands on digital accounts. As both a Project Manager and Producer, Olivier learnt his skills in France, and we’ve been lucky enough to share in his expertise at IE!

1. What experience have you had in the digital landscape?

Even though I have a business degree, I’ve always worked in digital. Not necessarily by choice, but because I’ve been into digital stuff since the beginning and it just came naturally.

So, over the last 10 years I’ve worked in small digital and web marketing agencies as well as major players like Yahoo! Mostly as a Content Producer or Project Manager.

2. Tell us, what’s your favourite thing about agency life?

I like how a relaxed state of mind gives way for creativity and how easy it is to communicate.

3. Whilst working for the Delivery/Performance/Ops team, what have been your key highlights?

Since I started at IE, I’ve been working full-time on the Telstra account. The whole experience has been a highlight in the sense that, what started as a modest involvement with just a couple of IE-ers involved, has now become one of IE’s largest dedicated account teams. Many of our team work from Telstra’s offices alongside Telstra Digital’s permanent team. The growth of the account is definitely a great achievement and a mark of client’s satisfaction.

4. Which project are you working on at the moment? What is your involvement?

Right now I’m working on 2 main projects at Telstra Digital: implementing Same Day Delivery in the online shop and also on a Pre-to-Post migration campaign. My involvement is mostly around UX conception and coordinating resources.

5. What are the objectives of your role? aka.. what’s your purpose within the agency?

In addition to running a smooth business as usual for IE’s team at Telstra, I see myself as experienced in bringing and implementing IE’s know-how directly at the clients’ premises. Telstra is the first on IE’s growing list of clients applying the same approach.

6. What do you like most about IE?

The vision. The enthusiasm. The expertise. The very open communication with the colleagues and the leadership team. The fact that we collaborate with our clients, not necessarily work “for” them. Overall a great feeling of being at the forefront of digital and making things happen.

7. In few words, how would you describe the agency’s culture?

Hard-working, fun, passionate and maybe a little cheeky!

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