Profile: Caroline Parisy - Head of HR

A focus on the right fit

Driving the agency’s growth from 30 to 100 team members. Developing relationships with thousands of talented digital experts. Building a HR framework that has been responsive to the needs of the industry, clients, team members and future talent. All achievements of Caroline Parisy.

“I’ve always worked to a fast pace with digital companies. I help turn small agencies into medium or large enterprises,” she explains.

“I came out of college in Brighton (UK) with a professional certificate in multimedia design, intending to work in the film and TV industry but found myself in the online industry. Within a year, I begun to help Epic with their HR function and fell in love with HR. I returned to university to study HR, then found work in the videogame and legal software industries. I moved into digital marketing just as it began to boom and have been with IE for 6 years.”

Caroline has made it her mission at IE to make sure everyone enjoys their work, with a strong workplace culture being essential to this. She ensures IE is constantly an employer of choice for talent and maintains a strong focus on Learning & Development (L&D). Caroline is also responsible for the rewards and recognition program that celebrates the success of team members around IE’s values: excellence, authenticity, agility, empowerment and creativity.

“We have a culture that strives for innovation, where you get to be curious, creative and have courage to think things that others cannot – we all share these values,” she explains.

Being agile in all aspects of work is a key component in IE’s DNA. When searching for talent, Caroline believes knowledge, communication and frequency of collaboration are the most important attributes for success in an agile environment.

“Our talent management strategy is directly linked to IE’s business strategy. We look for varied talent. It’s no secret that we need to be proactive in our search for talent by engaging with all. It’s important to understand aspiration and look for people who share our values; to build our services offering around their competencies.”

“By conducting regular skills gaps analysis’ and identifying critical positions within the agency, we’re able to define our future talent requirements.”

“Our talent attraction strategy focuses on continual employer branding and development of our L&D offering, our capacity to build high performing cross-functional teams and, most importantly, our ability to allow our team members to grow within the agency.”

Her focus on career achievement

Caroline finds no greater joy than seeing clients and team members achieve their goals and succeed.

“The thing I like most about IE is celebrating someone’s career achievement at the end of the month! You could say that it’s the fruit of our entire HR framework, focusing on an individual and celebrating their entire history of contributions to the agency, not just one single event,” she says.

“It makes me proud to reward a top Test Analyst as a new Business Analyst (BA) team member. They may have gone from starting as a junior tester with no experience, to being a respected BA for their clients. To see a team of 4 being given a $1000 voucher for their outstanding commitment and work in solving a technical challenge is also a proud moment for me.”

Establishing a culture of reward has been possible through meticulous talent management. Caroline makes sure all members of the team are empowered, by not only giving the team room to be authentic, agile and creative, but by making sure they also hold these values within their personal work ethics. When looking for talent, these principles are held in high regard.

Her focus on nurturing aspirations

‘We make sure we take the time to understand people’s aspirations and what motivates them – being agile around potential talent’, she explains.

After working in the digital landscape throughout her entire career, Caroline understands and respects the competitive and entrepreneurial nature of the industry. As a result of this, she has enabled IE to maintain a point of difference from its competitors.

“We are an employer of choice for digital talent. This has been maintained through developing leading employment practices that support the growth of our team members and the agency as a whole,” she said.

“Our strategy for attracting the best talent is centered around two main focal points. Firstly, we offer a flexible learning and development framework so that everyone at IE can achieve their potential. Secondly, we deliver an accessible reward and recognition framework that is clear and compelling.”

“Preaching this is easy, but actually putting the plan in practice, and bringing everyone on the journey (not just our HR team), has been key to our success.”

Her focus on retention

Not only does Caroline recognise that hard work deserves to be appreciated and rewarded, she also ensures that IE retain the best talent in the industry. She’s motivated by wanting to see team members succeed.

“Retention is no longer about offering the best perks and salaries, we retain our best talent by offering them choice and flexibility in how they work. By providing our teams with the opportunity to challenge the status quo, push their limits, grow their skills sets and expand their knowledge, we’ve become a digital learning agency. We’ve implemented an L&D program based on the traditional 70-20-10 learning principles, and our internal learning activities have proven to be so successful that we’re now developing them into offers for our clients,” she explains.

“Come and check our library space, our knowledge sharing pit and our creative workshop spaces if you’re not convinced!”

Her love of IE

Caroline has been with IE for 6 years and cannot wait to see the company expand, while continuing to flourish in the digital landscape. She enjoys being at work and feels motivated to help IE on the journey to a prosperous future (while also having fun along the way!).

“I work flexible hours, can implement and define my own frameworks that haven’t been used or tested yet, have access to the latest tools, am entrusted with interesting projects to work on, can wear what I want to work and have become close friends with some colleagues. Ping-pong, pool, sporting teams, pancake-day and dress-like-a-princess-day are a few of the things I love about IE!”

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