Profile: Alexander Lazaris – Test Analyst


A testing whiz, Alexander Lazaris is a key member of the IE Sydney team. His previous experience at Fairfax Media, and other well known tech companies, ensures that IE’s clients benefit from a wealth of knowledge on the most current testing practices. Read on to learn a little more about testing at IE and Alex’s focus in the team.

1. What experience have you had in the digital landscape?

From starting out with Sega Mega Drive back in the 1990’s, using the shared family laptop after school in the 2000’s and forcing my sister to play Halo with me on Xbox 360 in the 2010’s, I’ve always been interested and passionate about technological advancements in the digital realm.

What kicked off my career was creating digital entertainment in the form of games and apps. After making small games for a few years, I ventured into software and web development. With that, alongside the rise of smartphones (and IoT), I was able to improve and build upon my understanding of today’s world and how anyone (even me!) can build these virtual experiences with a little hard work and passion.

2. Tell us, what’s your favourite thing about agency life?

I didn’t know how big IE Digital was when I started, I heard Telstra was a client, maybe Sportsgirl too. However, after a few weeks with IE I soon realised how widespread the company’s client reaching tentacles were. After receiving email after email talking about brands I recognised, it was great to see these big companies partnering with the agency I work for.

I can see that each team forms a bond and establishes trust with their clients, allowing further projects to follow and connections to form. This is both for the agency’s employees and clients.

3. Whilst being based at IE Sydney, what have been your key highlights?

Being part of the new IE Sydney team has been fun. First there were two team members, followed by another two, and then another two again! We have a tight knit development team, along with Client Partner’s and HR. We are getting to know each other more and more the closer we work together. What excites me is understanding where we are, things we identify as team to improve, and actually implementing improvements in those areas.

4. Which project are you working on at the moment? What’s your involvement?

I am a Test Analyst in the Toyota Lexus team. We are currently redesigning their website in the Sitecore CMS. In the collaborative environment we work in, I sit close to the developers to ensure any questions around feature specifications can be cleared up and communicate frequently with business analysts to clear up requirements. I also provide learning and assistance to clients in the office when running User Acceptance Testing.

Day to day, I facilitate design reviews, clear up any questions on feature requests, regression test pages on all major devices and browsers (yes, even in portrait and landscape view), and ensure system builds are running smoothly.

5. What are the objectives of your role? Meaning, what’s your purpose within the agency?

As a Test Analyst, part of my role is to improve processes, share knowledge and provide support. I see two main responsibilities of my role:

One is on the tech side, where I run tests, via code or manually, on the latest web browsers, platforms and devices.

The other side focuses on facilitating improvements and providing support. I do this by ensuring the latest features are available on testing environments, discussing with the team what notes we can take actions from post meetings and suggesting workflow adjustments to reduce confusion.

I guess you could say my end goal is to make the lives of developers, designers, analysts and clients easier, and that’s what I enjoy doing.

6. What do you like most about IE?

I like how interconnected both offices are, even though we’re based in two different cities. Someone is always there to help out and no issue is too big. For IE Sydney specifically, it’s about being part of this up and coming team that continues to grow with clients, increase in size and succeed.

7. In a few words, how would you describe the agency’s culture?

Sharing, caring and learning.

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