What is Pervasive Customer Experience?

The digital journey is almost always a complex one, sometimes challenging and often rewarding. No two businesses are exactly the same and the constantly evolving digital landscape can make measuring a great outcome difficult. But some things are universal – like a great customer experience that delivers a real business result.
In a communications environment that is increasingly fragmented by platform, device and media, we’ve pioneered a model that’s agnostic to the fragmentation and is, instead, focused on creating a consistent customer experience, wherever that interaction occurs – online, on mobile or through a custom-developed application.

This is the Pervasive Customer Experience (PCX).

Rethink the next digital project into a PCX project.

At its core, a company must endeavour to create and deliver a compelling product experience that works seamlessly across all digital touch points. This is the future of business strategy in a consumer-connected world.

The ubiquitous nature of digital means people consume information on their platform of choice, whether that’s via desktop, laptop mobile or tablet. To be considered a pervasive experience, therefore, a customer’s expectations need to be met, and be seamlessly transferrable, across every digital touch point. This is at the crux of IE’s approach to digital solutions.

Before embarking on the next CRM, CMS or App project, brands should reconsider their digital strategy, and analyse the digital landscape, to uncover those existing digital assets that can be transformed into consumer products or services. This is also the time to consider which is the best platform for the final product, such as smart phone or desktop.

For example, as an alternative to simply writing a brief to transform a website into a mobile website, break the mobile product down to the core customer expectations to see how it works from their perspective. Creating this customer experience model helps define the pervasive behaviours that will have a positive impact on the final solution. The goal is to identify customer behaviours that need to be satisfied in order to deliver a compelling product experience. The next step is to link these expectations with specific product features to maximise the customer experience. This sets up the foundation for redefining the mobile product as a pervasive experience.

New audiences and new opportunities

Customers demand that brands interact with them on a myriad of platforms, and they look for digital tools that aspire to be a proactive part of their everyday life.
Whether a massive consumer brand or a start up offering one product, digital decision makers need to drive the development of their own digital platforms. Launching pervasive products and services that are accessible anywhere, at anytime and on any channel, will uncover new audiences and create new opportunities.