PCX in the Real World: Evernote

The PCX model is not dependent on super–sized cash reserves. A small start up in San Francisco is also successfully pushing the pervasive model in the word-processing space.
Evernote is an online note service, where a user can store and retrieve notes via both Mac and Windows desktop software, and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is the essence of a great PCX – knowing that ‘people want their notes now’ led Evernote to design their product to solve this problem.

They didn’t build better software. They developed a digital platform for customers to save notes to a cloud-based server, supported by a user interface that is consistent on every device.

As a brand launched in the digital era, Evernote gets the pervasive opportunity by interacting in a multi-platform world and connecting with its customers at the exact point in time when they need to access their notes, and access them now!