Online Retailer wrap: Invest in CX to stay ahead of the competition

More than just buzzwords

Customer experience. Data-driven marketing. Personalisation. Closing the loop.

These were four of the biggest topics discussed at the Online Retailer e-commerce conference and expo in Sydney last month.

Whether on the expo floor, or during the presentations from some of the world’s biggest retailers, in-store digital was a key focus over the two days.

Scott Emmons, Head of the Innovation Lab at Neiman Marcus said this during his keynote: “Build for the customer of the future, not the store of the future.”

This thinking on customer experience permeated throughout every single brand interaction conversation. The takeaway being: don’t just use tech for tech’s sake, choose digital in order to close the loop in the customer experience.

Data-driven marketing and personalisation

These two go hand in hand. Using data to drive personalisation and enhancing a customer’s engagement with retailers is going to be a big focus over the next year.

Jules Lund, Founder of Tribe, discussed the marketing opportunities for brands to connect with influencers on social media to drive engagement. Not only are these influencers required to be data-savvy and have open communications with brands around what they aim to achieve, but they will then use metrics from previous campaigns to improve conversions.

Go-Pro also discussed the perks of personalising content using Demandware. Whether it’s an email welcome series or abandoned cart email populated with related content, this kind of personalisation really increases ROI for digital spend.

Future Store

Putting some of these concepts into practice, the future store was the pinnacle experience on the expo floor.

The ‘Future Store’ showed everything from digital window shopping through to digital parcel lockers. Retailers were able to browse through the holistic customer journey and experience the tech designed for each of these touchpoints.

The two experiences IE Digital created were broadcasted widely across major metro media. See below some of the coverage:

  • Channel 7

  • Channel 10

  • Huffington Post

The biggest takeaway from Online Retailer was really thinking about putting the customer at the heart of every decision you make with tech. Don’t waste time investing in places they’re not interested in, but do ensure you’re keeping tabs on new channels and get there before your competitors do.

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