Online Marketing Strategy and Building Return Business

A successful blend between phyisical and digital

Online brand marketing is best employed by brands that take the time and make the effort to actively engage with their customers through a variety of touch points. As simple as it sounds, finding and engaging customers where they spend their time online is a key online marketing strategy that leads to return business. It’s also an online marketing strategy that can be applied to almost any business seeking a sustainable revenue stream.
Printing business cards might sound like an unlikely industry to engage in online brand marketing best practice, but, based in the UK is breaking the rules of printing in all the right places. Offering custom printing, Moo has dived successfully intocommunity participation, online dialogue through social media and kick-starting online conversations to drive customers and achieve business success around the world.

As a photographer, what really works for me is their simple interface and the genius of linking my photos on Flickr directly into the online ordering process. It’s intuitive, seamless, and can be done quite quickly. Moo’s online promotional activity via Flickr and other social media channels is a good example of a solid online marketing strategy. This integration with relevant social media sites also expands their potential audience in the global marketplace.

Moo’s innovative nature means I’m constantly drawn back to the site to see what’s new, and I’m always printing items for myself and others. As an online retailer Moo has won my confidence, not to mention my return business, through its simple website interface, but it’s the community I can participate in and the like-minded people I can converse with that really hits the sweet spot.