Onboarding Jenny Craig: my experience as a customer

When there’s the prospect of a new client coming on board, IE is quick to immerse itself in the experience of their products and services. This is not just so we can learn more about the new company and their brand, but also to understand how they are perceived by their customers.
When I received the brief to look at how Jenny Craig engages customers, I knew I was out of my comfort zone. Like any problem though, business or customer focused, myself and the team applied the same process and thinking we would to any project and jumped right in.

By looking at the Jenny Craig business, its background, competition and customers I started to get a sense of the holistic opportunity that IE faced.

With that understanding, I signed up to see what Jenny Craig was all about from a customer perspective and learn more about the process. The more information I read, the more I could see it was an educational journey.

I won’t lie, I felt a little nervous attending my first meeting with Fiona (I didn’t use my real name to protect my anonymity), but I wanted to ensure that I experienced the whole journey to appropriately provide recommendations to Jenny Craig. If I felt that way, imagine what it’s like for a customer confronting a major health change.

However, the customer experience was exceptional. The Jenny staff were so welcoming and lovely throughout the entire experience, I can definitely see why they have been around as long as they have.

I did get caught up talking about the food, and ended up buying a week’s worth. I was genuinely surprised by how nice some of it was – the salted caramel chew was seriously good!

Now that I have experienced Jenny for myself, and IE has won the account, the team can set about bringing those great real world experiences and stories to life online.

Digital gives us an ‘always on’ channel to reinforce behaviour change and customer support, and IE will be working with Jenny Craig to make this the best experience possible for their customers.

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