Magento Enterprise Edition vs. Community – how to decide?

I am going to provide you with the key details of both Magento Enterprise Edition and Community, to help you to decide pretty quickly which is the right fit for your business. I will start with general information on the platform, then dive into more detail as we move along; you can keep going until you’re convinced!

“You get what you pay for” – yes, the entire decision making process revolves around this expression. I guess what I’m trying to say is, behind a solid investment there are features included in Magento Enterprise that are really worth that money. It’s not required for every business, but it may be for yours.

The main differentiator between the two products is your business size; choose the edition that is right for the scale of your company. Consider the amount of sales you have, products on the site (SKUs) and your market spread globally; do you have customers and stores right across the globe (or do you have expansion plans)? This is where Magento Enterprise is a game changer; especially with the latest version, as the performance features were increased dramatically.

If I were to highlight 5 key features of Magento Enterprise, they would be:

  • Faster indexing process

  • Has a much faster checkout

  • Handles large number of products

  • Much more flexible promotions and sales features

  • Better support for international businesses

These, I believe, are the key features that differentiate Magento Enterprise and Community editions. Ultimately, if you require these five pieces of functionality, your brand should be on Magento Enterprise to reap the business benefits of an enterprise e-commerce store. There are a huge amount of functional improvements and extra modules introduced along with Magento Enterprise, and if you were to select the Community edition some of them would be installed as extensions, but not all.

The bottom line is: If you are a retailer with only a national or state spread, AND a low volume of sales – Magento Community Edition is probably enough for you. You can boost the Magento Community product with plenty of Community modules and still remain completely satisfied.

Did I say I’d dive into more details? Yes. But there are a ton of articles describing all the extra features Magento Enterprise Edition has. The key take home here is, the scale of your business defines which Magento platform is right for you – and on the high level, that’s all you need to know when first engaging with Magento.

Which platform is right for you?