The Importance of Inbound Customer Messaging

Marketo has recently conducted a global survey regarding consumer preference for advertising techniques. Results showing two thirds of respondents are most annoyed and intolerant to the repeated exposure of the same ad message. Although 2,200 consumers were interviewed across the UK, US, France and Germany, Australians proved to be the most dissatisfied with repetitive push advertising, especially within mobile apps.

Majority (45%) of Australian consumers wish to see ads less often, however many suggest advertisers take a more personalised and relevant approach, paying more attention to the prefered location of viewing, as well as considering consumer interactions with ads. With users preferring to interact with a brand via their website, social media, or through exposure to personalised messaging, Marketo’s CMO Sanjay Dholakia discusses solutions to overcome these advertising challenges, such as tailoring messages to the customer’s stage in the buying process.

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