IE wins a Sitecore Experience Award 2015 for Captain’s Choice


IE is elated to be announced as the Sitecore Experience Award winner for 2015 in the Travel and Hospitality category.
Captain’s Choice: welcome to the most luxurious travel experience online. After twenty years of flying the Captain’s Choice flag across all that’s remote, exotic and inspired in travel tours, that experience is now available on this newly created travel destination site.

Launched in February of 2015 by Sitecore Partner IE, the new Captain’s Choice Sitecore website is the hub of all tour information for travellers. Because the site has been uniquely designed for the target demographic of Captain’s Choice, 50-75 year-olds, the interface has been optimised for each device size to provide a best-in-class user experience.

A personalised experience based on the customer journey:
By putting the customer at the heart of the development and design processes, every interaction on site is designed to assist the user in their purchase decision. The biggest indicator of success is that over 30% of the leads generated by the new “Enquire Now” button on the site have lead to conversions. With such high value products (between $10-50k per tour) in a niche market, every successful guest booking is a major business win.

Not only has the site had such successful business metrics, but customers are now enjoying the full extent of the Sitecore Experience Platform. By utilising a scoring system based on the user’s browsing habits while on site, relevant content can be delivered directly to the homepage for return visits.

As a result of this, there’s been:

  • A 110% increase in Brochure Requests from the website

  • A 300% increase in online information session RSVP’s

  • Over 1000% increase in e-newsletter subscriptions

Other incredible results, comparing the six months pre-launch to post-launch are:

  • 111% increase in sessions

  • 85% increase in users

  • 69% increase in pageviews

  • 110% increase in unique page views.

Aaron Gawlinski, digital marketing executive from Captain’s Choice said of the new site,

“It’s been a long and complex process but we are ecstatic with the results. From the start we felt we could trust the team at IE to guide us from a technical standpoint and they quickly proved themselves with an intensive UX and design process. Now, almost every aspect of the website can be customised by our staff within Sitecore, without any need for developers to step in. From the colours of the backgrounds and buttons, to the entire layout of a page – we can do almost anything we can think of.”