IE Partners with Power Retail in e-commerce Leaders Playbook


IE Agency is proud to announce its newly established partnership with Power Retail, in the recently released “E-Commerce Leaders Playbook” publication.

The above advertisement features opposite the contents page within the book, and presents IE’s newly established philosophy, “Rethink”, as being central to the agency’s thought processes.

An article, written by Founder and Managing Director, Rhys Hayes, makes its mark in the centre of the publication. An excerpt reads: “We’ve all had good and bad work colleagues, successful client-agency engagements are very much the same. Sure, personality can play a part, but isn’t everyone working towards the same goal? Shouldn’t it be easy to work together for the common joy of achievement? Not entirely. There are often underlying strategic differences, baked in to the relationship from day one, that make mutual success difficult to achieve. Whether it’s your work colleague on the desk opposite or your agency team, it’s almost impossible to deliver a productive, successful outcome unless the KPI’s that measure success are shared.”

Diego PelaezRetail, News