IE makes the SmartCompany Awards Smart50

IE has made the Top 50 list for 2015

A prestigious award in the SME community, with thousands of businesses entering, the IE team are proud to have made the cut given the company was founded in 2001.

When asked the question “Why did you start the business?” for the submission, Rhys Hayes, co-founder of IE, responded with: “Simply put, a burning desire to create something of our own. There was no masterful plans for multi-million dollar exits, no VC’s to call and no tech industry as we know it today. We loved the creative process and loved the fact that the internet provided the opportunity to rewrite the rules,” he said.

“Today, little has changed. In fact it appears to us that our cavalier, give it a go, attitudes were the perfect precursor to our agile, lean, design thinking modus operandi that now governs our entire business.”

“Our niche has always been the ability to infuse creative thinking, business understanding and technical capability to deliver useful and exciting new products. We’ve delivered these same outcomes to business owners, CMO’s, CEO’s, start-ups and now we apply them to our own new businesses.”

IE’s founders, Rhys Hayes and James Turle, are proud to be included in this award, particularly given the company has now been around for 14 years. IE was ranked number 49 in the listing.

To read more about the submission, head to the SmartCompany site.

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