IE Inspire: 11th August 2014

Today, the design team from IE Agency started the initiative of a weekly, ongoing, “IE Inspire” lunch-time session.

The objective of the gathering, which is open to all of the IE team, is to inspire and delight with the most current, interesting and innovative design trends happening across print, digital, web animation and many more.

This week, we looked at some spacial designs with lights, interesting anti-advertising campaigns and a design led program entitled “30 weeks”. Check out the videos below:

Ever Blossoming Life

Nike Immersive Retail Lab - HUSH

Screen-Shot-2014-08-11-at-2.55.50-pm (1).png

30 Weeks: A founders program for designers

Light Criticism: Advertising is the vandalism of the Fortune 500

Enter Pyongyang: Mapping North Korea