IE connects change makers to discuss purposeful innovation

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Words by Erica Liston

On 13 June, IE had the incredible opportunity to host a lunch for businesses with purpose - a gathering of leaders from organisations that are driving impact both here in Australia and across the globe. 

With innovators from organisations like World Vision and the Australian Red Cross, there was no shortage of brilliant minds in the room. It made for an insightful discussion on the challenges faced when embarking on transformations (particularly digital) inside the not-for-profit and social enterprise sector.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Balancing responsible use of donor or customer funds and demonstrating immediate impact, with the unrelenting challenge of staying relevant and growing as an organisation

  • The increasing investment in innovation and technology and the consequences for the digital community

  • The idea of collaboration versus competition in the social enterprise and not-for-profit space - teaming up with commercial partners (like peer-to-peer lenders, financial institutions, and fin-tech ventures) or creating a new category of collaborative charities (like Rippling) presents a new perspective on donations and giving

We are always interested to continue the conversation with purposeful organisations about how we can help them on their innovation journey, whether that means digital tools, upskilling teams in methodologies like design thinking and agile, or building innovation frameworks for the future.

How do you think design principles might apply for our growing impact-driven organisations here in Australia?