Toyota Australia's digital transformation journey

“With its manufacturing operating ending in October, the company is preparing for a rebirth says CIO Ellis Brover.” recently posted a profile on Ellis Brover, CIO of Toyota Motor Corporation, detailing some of the reasons why Toyota made the decision to ‘down tools’ at its Altona plant.

The organisation is asking themselves questions like: “What we’re doing essentially is working out which parts of that experience we believe are really unique to Toyota and need to be a particular way to make us the best. How do we make sure those things, that are delivered through systems that we’re providing or that we’re controlling, interface seamlessly to the back-end systems the dealerships are using?”

David Cox, CX Director of IE commented on the above: “It is crucial to evaluate what tasks a user is trying to complete during the purchase journey, with a deep empathy for both their emotional and rational state. Brands like Lexus know each and every touchpoint, from awareness to delivery of the car, is an opportunity to elevate the experience and affinity between brand and customer.”

With the rise in digital and physical becoming intertwined for brands to create experiences, Toyota is best positioning itself to be ahead of the curve by implementing digital transformation company wide.

Described in the article as “The (new) Toyota Way” it’s said the company will be expanding it’s IT functions, a great move in embracing technological advancements in the industry. IE is proud to be part of this journey in 2017.

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