Great teams: the benefits of investing in blending skills to produce better outcomes

What do great products and great projects have in common?

The truth is, it’s the great teams sitting behind them that share common traits. However, enabling this to happen still seems to be one of the biggest hurdles that many businesses face.

What are the actual impacts of having a great team working on a project or developing your product?

  1. A great team drives the product further towards the common goal. This is because a team will perform better than the sum of talented individuals working solo. Outcomes are delivered sooner, and problems solved faster, when people are collaborating.

  2. A team with diverse skills working together will have the widest range of perspectives to apply to the problem. A great designer pouring forth ideas about business models, or a marketer applying business logic to a code problem, can spark gold to be raised to the surface for the subject matter expert.

  3. Elegant simplicity in solutions. A close knit team will have more implicit and explicit communication, which will lead to a faster ultimate consensus. An individual finds it easier to create a simplistic, single minded outcome, whereas a team injects complexity into solutions to keep all members happy. A great team considers all points of view, and all options, before gaining unification and paving a singular pathway forward.

Why is it that a highly integrated team has such an unfair advantage? What are the traits of the team that drive such outcomes?

  1. Communication is one of the traits that has the biggest impact. Nothing beats face to face communication between the entire team. The more a team works together, the more efficient that communication becomes.

  2. Creativity does not refer to design prowess, it is a way of timing and a way of looking at situations from many angles. By sharing skills across the team, the integration of ideas from the subject matter expert, like design, begins to increase the quality of the overall product.

  3. Openness is the third part to the equation in producing a great team.It allows the team to explore the creativity mentioned above,consider every individual input as a potential solution, and to build on the creativity of others.

So, now that you know why you want a great team, and how that team will work, how the hell do you hire the right people?

What is that perfect individual trait that builds a great team?

The single biggest trait that drives outcomes is empathy. Effective communication comes from understanding how your audience can best interpret your message. Creativity and openness can be achieved when you put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

Yes, empathy clearly underpins everything we believe when it comes to great customer experiences, but what we’ve learnt here is that empathy also sits at the heart of every great team.

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