E-Commerce Conference & Expo Transforming businesses with cloud technology

On the 11th & 12th of March the e-commerce conference & expo came to Melbourne with a stellar line-up of global and local speakers. A major goal of this event is to discuss the current state of e-commerce and dissect projections for the future.

How platform technology is changing the future of business

Julie Stevanja, the co-founder of Stylerunner, discussed one of the most prevalent topics in e-commerce at the moment: how to future proof your business with cloud technology. Stevanja focussed on the beginnings of Stylerunner, a successful start-up still in it’s infancy, and its decision to invest in an enterprise platform early on.

Stylerunner is a pure-play online store, shipping to over 84 countries and 700 cities, and the backbone of the business sits on cloud-based infrastructure. Having to manage many brands and price points under the same system, Stevanja mentioned that the inventory management needed to be easily scalable. Stylerunner currently uses NetSuite as its major digital platform for CRM, ERP, CMS and many other functions.

Samantha Kent, the director of JackThreads international, discussed similar focus points for her business. As the brand focuses heavily on its media platform (Thrillist) to drive customer acquisition and retention, having data integration across platforms is vital to delivering ROI.

Kent mentioned that readers are always turning into buyers, and buyers are always turning into readers. This means that utilising cloud-based CRM data enables the business to curate unique content for its audience.

She also discussed that traditional advertising spends are expected to decrease to 17% of a marketing budget by 2017, largely due to the untraceability of success metrics. For JackThreads, that means investing directly in Thrillist to drive revenue.

Simon Rossi, the general manager of Uber, also focussed his presentation delivery on advertising, specifically social. He advocated that it’s been far more successful for Uber than above-the-line media spending. Rossi mentioned that the company focuses on “creating unique, unexpected experiences for customers” rather than investing in traditional marketing spends.

For example, the “Uber delivering kittens to your work” campaign not only strongly engaged audiences across social, but created a timeless brand experience. It’s obvious workplaces will be talking about their cute kitten deliveries for some time to come.

Essentially, these three speakers dissected the crucial role cloud technology plays in allowing businesses to easily implement complex processes. Whether it’s approving or moderating advertising on social media via cloud based analytics tools like Locowise, or updating product SKU’s in your CMS whilst on the go, there’s no question everything cloud is the way to ensure business growth.

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