Developing a competitive edge with rapid evolution

Survival of the fittest

Every single systems integrator, consultancy and agency is currently rushing into customer experience design to stay relevant. However, a focus on customer experience design doesn’t guarantee that value is created for organisations or their customers. It can actually become counterproductive if not implemented correctly: bureaucratic organisations can silo the process, and well meaning designers can unwittingly slow the delivery of real customer value.

It is important to involve customers in all business processes, as early and often as possible, as that is the only way to create a transformative digital experience. We have therefore been refining our human-centered design philosophy over several years to combine ideas from lean startup, design thinking and agile software development into what we call rapid evolution.

By being fast to market with customer-validated products and services, you will be empowered to deliver transformative digital experiences that real people value.

This gives you three competitive advantages.

1. A relentless customer focus.

From identifying opportunities, implementing business transformations and product inception, to business case building, prototyping and delivery, we ensure that the entire process is focused on your customer.

2. Rapid delivery.

With the use of lean business planning tools: quick and effective planning, just-in-time design and continuous agile delivery, we ensure the smallest possible gap between your customer’s expectation and your ability to deliver customer value.

3. Long-term adaptability

By co-locating our teams with yours, and embedding these philosophies into your practice through training programs, we empower you to accelerate digital innovation and better thrive in a world of digital change.


Our own startup, Foyerlive, used rapid evolution to allow us to develop and test our own hypothesis: that a huge gap existed between the online and the in-store digital customer experience. We used lean startup techniques to identify our customers, quickly gauge the market response, and plan features that would deliver the highest value.

We employed design thinking to motivate consensus and build a business case within the larger organisation for our idea. By creating rapid prototypes, we were able to prove that the technical concepts were sound and worth investing in. Additionally, working within the agile development methodology allowed us to deliver our MVP within 2 months using a small, cross-functional and co-located team. Foyerlive is now its own entity with offices in Silicon Valley. Foundation clients include Nike, Pandora Jewellery, Nobody Denim and Vionic Shoes. Each execution of Foyerlive allows retailers to control their content using a simple and intuitive interface, from either in-store or at head office.

IE is no stranger to business transformation. We have undergone many pivots and reorganisations in our 14 year history as one of Melbourne’s last remaining independent digital agency’s. Rapid evolution has helped us stay relevant and compete with companies many times our size, and we are now committed to empowering our clients to achieve the same.

Think rapid evolution may be the right fit for your business?