Design Thinking Workshops: The Marshmallow Challenge

IE’s Head of Experience Design, David Cox, has been conducting Design Thinking workshops weekly to ensure that the entire company understands the importance of design across the business and what it means for them. Primarily, design is not owned by the design team, it is for everyone.

One particular workshop, “The Marshmallow Challenge” was an intellectual exercise in learning how to build something with a finite amount of resources.

The Brief:

  • Build the tallest free-standing structure that can support a marshmallow.

  • The marshmallow must be on top

  • 18 minute time limit


  • 20 sticks of spaghetti

  • 1 metre of sticky tape

  • 1 metre of string

  • 1 marshmallow

Here’s how we went in the two rounds:

Round One

Round Two

Are you ready for your next design sprint?