Demandware Connect Conference Sydney: Highlights

Demandware has been focusing its attention on growing its foothold in the Australian market. As such, the company has expanded its partner network to a few carefully selected partners, including IE. Last week our Client Engagement Team spent some time in Sydney for two Demandware events; Partner Training and a Client Community day.
For those not familiar, Demandware is a cloud-based platform that delivers an exceptional eCommerce experience without the hassle of configuring, optimising, owning or paying for infrastructure. All these operations are handled by Demandware with enterprise scale at the user’s disposal.

Partner Training

Day 1 was a great chance to share stories and knowledge between the local Demandware partners. We learnt more about the future direction of the platform from the leading Demandware executives. This information was very insightful; Demandware is clearly focussing on making the retail experience easier for brands. The platform is optimising execution, from physical store through to delivery. This will be especially exceptional for those who leverage the LINK partners (approved 3rd party plugins that facilitate services such as user reviews, payments, shipping etc).

Client Community

Day 2 had a complete focus on current and future Demandware customers. We heard from some very happy Demandware customers about how they have been able to expand and grow their revenue (locally and globally). They did this by focusing on innovation, talking to their customers and merchandising rather than having to worry about hosting and security patches.

It was clear that clients who had moved to Demandware from other platforms were fast evolving from being super-users to excitable brand advocates.

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