Behavioural triggers in your digital marketing stack

Digital marketers are increasingly employing the use of behavioural triggers to further extend customers’ exposure and interest in brands, as well as relevant products and services based on their recent web activity. Various user behaviours will generate a specific trigger, for example, a customer could be sent an email after subscribing to a website or view re-targeted Facebook advertisements on their personal profile which has direct relevance to recently viewed products.

Although the use and success of behavioural triggers is prevalent in the market, with a 43% increase in adoption of the technique by CMO’s, many businesses have failed to embrace such strategies. As discussed by CEO Fayez Mohamood at Bluecore, this is due to the heavy technical requirements and complexity involved in establishing triggers. Concerns for privacy of customers also plays a vital role in the success of triggers, however organisations like Bluecore overcome such hurdles by sending through an email trigger relevant to the product category which was viewed by the customer.

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