Agile Paper Planes Workshop with

Murray Robinson, IE’s General Manager of Delivery, visited carsales recently to take them through an Agile training workshop: The Agile Paper Planes Game

The game is a great way to demonstrate the difference between the Agile and Waterfall methodologies, which are ways of developing software. The game has been around for many years and is played in a variety of ways. The game lets the player experience creating paper airplanes in serial (Waterfall) vs batch (Agile) methods. Participants measure the quantity and quality of their planes in a fun activity where they learn some basic agile and lean practices. The game is played in sets that start with planning and end with a short retrospective.

Each team has a maximum of five people and the load of work is split evenly between them to begin with. As the rounds progress, the teams suggest how to improve the creation of the planes and ultimately create as many as possible in the most efficient way. Teams end up overlapping their workload, just as you do in software development sprints, so planning, development, design and testing can all happen concurrently.

It’s a bit of fun, wrapped in a real learning experience, and carsales really enjoyed it!

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