2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant – the leaders in web content management transformation

We’ve all heard that ‘content is king’ but where would we be without the backbone of our content, our content management systems (CMS)?

Each year, Gartner releases it’s research for the top CMS’s in the form of a Magic Quadrant, with the ‘leaders’ and ‘visionaries’ setting the pace for transformation and change in platform development. An overview, as described in the most recent report, is below:

“Digitalisation brings both new opportunities and confusion to even the most carefully planned selection processes for WCM. CIOs and IT leaders aiming to boost the effectiveness of their digital business strategy should use this document to help them select the most appropriate vendor and solution.”

We often hear clients referencing the ‘Magic Quadrant’ when attempting to select a platform to implement. See below, the 2016 quadrant:

Interestingly, our three major platform partners sit ahead of the competition as ‘leaders’ and ‘visionaries’, with them also both having the ‘ability to execute’ and a ‘completeness of vision’. This Gartner research confirms the due diligence that has been done by our leadership team to ensure the best platforms are selected for partnership.

Ettienne Gous, IE’s Head of Development, can confirm this by saying: “our business goes through a careful platform selection process in order to ensure we’re set up to help our clients on their quest for transformation. We update our technology choices and partners according to a roadmap that builds mutual success for ourselves and our clients. Our core CMS platforms are SitecoreAcquia and Adobe.”

Clients are now finding it hard to meet the rising expectations of their consumers. Choosing the wrong platform means that there’s a large expense from their IT budgets not fully being utilised and delivering on ROI. The core CMS platforms mentioned above, Sitecore, Acquia and Adobe, allow us to facilitate clients delivering customer value sooner.

The major benefits of each platform are:


Acquia has led the market in developing and increasing the usage of open source through being the leading cloud-based, digital experience management solution. It is through the nurturing and ongoing relationship with the Drupal community and developing proprietary technology like GovCMS for the Digital Transformation Office, that Acquia has become a leader


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a leading platform for digital transformation and a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. The biggest benefit of AEM is the management of marketing content and assets in once centralised hub to be consistent across channels


Sitecore is an industry-leading platform with the most compelling and executable vision for a “contextual delivery machine.” The biggest benefit of Sitecore is that the latest digital marketing and technology trends are integrated directly into the platform

Choosing a platform is very important, and it’s crucial to ensure it aligns with your business strategy based on features and implementation requirements. Each platform is suited to enabling digital transformation from the content level, so make sure you’ve got the right one for your business!