IE | Case Study | Sportsgirl - AR App with Sportsgirl Explore
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Sportsgirl –
Augmented Reality App

Sportsgirl are a fashion savvy, eclectic and innovative fashion giant in Australia. Through their creative attention to brand, and crafting unique products, Sportsgirl have become the trendsetters in the fashion landscape.




As IE Agency is developing the new eCommerce store for Sportsgirl, they were also engaged to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) app. Titled ‘Sportsgirl Explore’, the app was designed to provide access to the Sportsgirl magazine ‘The Daily Us’, by giving users an augmented reality interaction with magazine products in-store.



The defined brief facilitated the end-to-end production of a groundbreaking in-store experience. The requirements included:

  • Providing a unique user-experience to the Sportsgirl customers in-store
  • Connecting the AR app to the annual Sportsgirl Magazine to provide engagement with products
  • The App was to embody the Sportsgirl experience – forward-thinking, authentically Australian and witty
  • Had to be ready for activation in September 2013 – in time with the magazine launch

The Journey

While working on the full eCommerce site for Sportsgirl the AR app proved to be a nice accompanying piece in Sportsgirl’s digital suite. While fully scoping the app, a central UX target was to provide easy linking between Sportsgirl’s other digital assets. IE ensured that the mobile site, online store and all Sportsgirl branded digital media were included. IE rolled out the project on time, as the release date had to coincide with the magazine launch.


The custom built app has provided regular customers with a new brand interaction. The Sportsgirl ‘girl’ can now engage with the magazine and brand in-store from a whole new digital perspective. Key outcomes were:

  • In the first two weeks of the app’s launch, over 3,500 downloads were made.
  • Successfully gave Sportsgirl their first app experience in the market.
  • The integrated mp3 song was downloaded by over half the app users within the first two weeks.