IE | Case Study | Nike Australia - Techpack & Hypervenom Stores
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Nike –
Techpack and Hypervenom

Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Through their affinity for brand and creativity, Nike Australia has transcended innovation in-store boundaries.





In May of 2013, Nike released their latest brand of footy boots and fleece wear apparel – the Hypervenom and tech pack products. For Hypervenom, branding was to represent a ‘new breed of attack’, for aspiring footballers. Tech Pack – Nike’s latest revolutionary polar fleece – was as light as a normal shirt, but as warm as a jumper. Nike Australia launched a pop-up store in Sydney and Melbourne that enticed football fans from all states.

7. Tech Pack Lab

In a shipping container, we were able to share a digital first with the public. The site of Stadium Australia in Sydney and Federation Square in Melbourne gained foot traffic from the sporting events nearby, with lots of excited Nike fans.

The Journey

Inside, customers were treated to an interactive experience, with the first ever ‘react-table’. Shoppers could rotate a cube that served information about the Hypervenom shoes or Tech Pack fleece. IE digital agency built the solution from the ground up, with user experience design at the forefront of the customer experience.

The React Table

  • A modified PS-Eye camera (with an added infrared filter), which was bolted to one side of the table.
  • A projector was bolted to the other side (pointing down on the floor)
  • A mirror on the floor of the table was installed to throw the projection upwards in order to cover the entire table surface.

On the surface of the table was a slab of endlighten (perspex) with an infrared LED strip lighting taped to the outside edge. When illuminated, this enabled the user to move cubes over the surface of the table, while the IR camera tracked the cubes. The attached computer then reacted to the position, rotation and orientation of the cubes to control the interface.

6. Tech Pack Lab


The digital solution resulted in many forms of customer engagement for Nike retail.

  • Hashtags, tweets and Instagram posts were a quirky way to social engage.
  • 5,000 visitors to the space
  • Digital First ‘react-table’ product which can be re-used in the future for Nike projects