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Nike –
She Runs The Night

Nike Australia is the South Pacific branch of Nike Inc., the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike employs just over 40,000 people worldwide with revenue of $20 billion globally.





‘She Runs The Night’ is a unique running event for female runners. After a successful 2012, the 2013 She Runs event had to be bigger and better, with high social media engagement. With Facebook as the platform of choice in 2013, we continued the success, focusing on:

  • Personalized video messaging
  • Run stats
  • Training information
  • Online collaboration
  • Registrations
  • Create an online female running community for this event.

The Journey

Part training app, part registration tool, and part ecommerce solution, the Nike ‘She Runs the Night’ Facebook platform enabled users to:

  • Register and purchase their event ticket
  • Customise and purchase running gear
  • Track progress
  • Share their experience with their social network
  • Contribute to community conversations – all through Nike’s Facebook page.

In the campaign execution, we ensured the running events were easy to discover and easy to enter by providing the single entry point. The Facebook platform was integrated through Magento. This is one of the first social media uses of Magento in the retail market.

We integrated our system in to the race timing system to show runners Facebook profile pictures to them as they crossed the 2.5km mark, allowed them to select whether they wanted to let their Facebook friends know they were feeling good or needed support at the 5km mark, and showed the runners messages of support from their Facebook friends as they crossed the 7.5km mark.



The campaign is now a recurring event on the Australian running calendar. The 2013 event culminated in live Facebook posts being generated. Having such tight integration in to the race timing system allowed the runners race results to be posted to the app immediately after they finished, they could personalise them with their photo and post out to Facebook. The Facebook community now has:

  • 65,000 members
  • 3 million Facebook impressions
  • 3,200 race registrations