IE | Case Study | Nike – eDMs and Banner Production
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Nike – eDMs and Banner Production

IE has been Nike Australia’s Digital Marketing partner since 2011. In that time, IE has produced some engaging campaigns for their Australian customers.

Working within Nike’s global style guidelines, IE’s Performance team manage the production and deployment for Nike Australia’s eDMs sent to in-store subscribed customers and various display banners. They are predominantly used to promote seasonal campaigns and key product launches.


The Campaigns

Over the past few years, IE has produced the following marketing campaigns for Nike:

2014 SBS Campaign Banner

IE’s design team modified global assets and developed the banners to meet the needs of the local market. This campaign was strategically placed on the SBS landing page for Australia during a global sporting event.


2014 Lunar Flyknit eDM

The Lunar Flyknit eDM featured a shot of the shoe in action and more extensive details on the product features. The eDM was edited, produced and deployed in collaboration with Nike’s team.


2014 Nike Mercurial Landing Page for Rebel Sport

During one of 2014’s largest sporting events, Nike ran a series of campaign landing pages on the e-commerce sites of their major retail partners, including Rebel. By implementing a campaign landing page, Nike could promote the product benefits and technology of the Mercurial football boot, increasing consumer engagement, whilst also driving purchases. IE produced and developed the Mercurial campaign page, and worked with Rebel to implement the finished HTML into their e-commerce platform.


2013 Nike Hypervenom Web Banner and Swanston Street Wall Installation

For the Global launch of the Hypervenom football boot – where IE also developed the technology in the Hypervenom concept space (link) – Nike engaged IE to produce all outdoor and digital display banners required for the Australian campaign, including designs for the Young and Jackson Digital Supersite on the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders St station. Other media included digital display banners, bus shelters, digilites, roaming mobile media (trucks) and cinema pre-roll videos.


Other Banners

IE have produced many other interactive banners across the last couple of years, they are included below:

Level Banner (775pxw x 200pxh)- product shot