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Movember – Zend Core


IE has been Movemberʼs Agency of Record since 2006. In 2010 over $124 million was raised from over 850,000 participating mo bro’s and mo sista’s worldwide from countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Ireland and Canada amongst others, and raised funds for, and awareness of, menʼs health initiatives. Established in 2003, Movember has always used digital as its primary platform, so IE’s role has been to constantly improve and refine Movember’s digital assets while engaging with a range of key stakeholders around the world.

The Journey

Movember is held in the month formally known as November, which introduces some particular challenges in relation to the project’s lifecycle and scalability. For nine months of the year the Movember website operates primarily as a user resource for the Movember Foundation and as a link to important men’s health information. For three months of the year, however, truly comes alive, with hundreds of thousands of visitors organising their fundraising and using social networking, donating money and learning more about the cause and using the site to raise awareness. Therefore the site must be able to scale up and down to extreme degrees, and the impact of even a day of downtime during the campaign period could have significant consequences.


The Movember Application is a custom ERP that enables the global management of the entire campaign. Zend Corporation has acknowledged the scale and complexity of the Movember infrastructure as one the leading examples of Open Source application development.


At its peak in the 2010 campaign, Movember supported:

  • 110 registrations per minute
  • 334 payments per minute
  • $9 million donations received in a single day

David Smith from Movember says, “This year we have achieved a 81% increase in the number of participants and a 40% increase in donations over 2010. This is a credit to the entire Movember team including IE who have been an invaluable strategic and operational partner of ours over the past 5 years.” The Movember phenomenon has grown rapidly since its inception as David explains: “Each year our challenge has been to scale and support the Movember cause to positively effect the lives of more and more men internationally. In our first year we had less than ten thousand participants, and raised $1.2 million. Looking at this years result on reflection is truly astonishing.”

Movember is a business born at the right time, it is an organization with digital at its core, and with 28% of site traffic arriving via Facebook, we’ve harnessed social engagement to drive their reach around the world, leading to astonishing year on year growth. It is an exciting business to work with, and our partnership with Movember provides everyone at IE with a great sense of pride.