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Mental Health Complaints Commissioner –
Project Planning Workshops
for Website Development

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent voice working for positive change in Victoria’s mental health system. The organisation deals with complaints about Victorian public mental health services.

After strong feedback from the community, The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner identified a need to develop an independent website, social media process and measured reporting on the results from these channels.

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner engaged IE to take them through a series of workshops to define and plan the project. The outcome of the planning phase is a user experience design, technical architecture, product roadmap and budget recommendation. It is absolutely crucial to any project, as it ensures the items of highest business value are focussed on during design and development.

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner and IE worked together using an agile approach on this project. This means there was a fixed team, dedicated for a fixed time and cost, working to deliver on a flexible scope for The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner.

IE asked the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner team to answer a few questions about the project experience and here’s what they said:

1. What did you like most about the planning process?

The breadth of knowledge and experience from IE meant we always had the right expertise in the room. UX, project management, strategy, design, technical, accessibility and business analysis experts were all involved where necessary along the way.

All IE team members involved in the project were experienced, professional and highly engaged in the workshops. They were also friendly, warm, and easy to work with.

2. How did working this way benefit your business?

Having the right expertise in the room meant that the planning process was really valuable for our business and enabled us to consider the MHCC website as a functional business and engagement tool that creates a rewarding user experience – and not just an information house.

Working with an experienced, engaged and friendly team meant we felt that our project was a priority for IE. We were always warmly welcomed to the office, looked forward to spending time with the team and had a lot of fun.

The agile methodology allowed us to make decisions quickly, but in a deep and thoroughly considered way.

3. How did the IE team show their expertise throughout the planning workshops?

The IE team took the time to understand our business. Their experience and professionalism meant they were well equipped to answer our questions and provide advice on best solutions for our business needs.

The team were passionate about working with us collaboratively to find solutions to our needs and were always patient in answering our questions and helping us to understand their advice – the process felt very inclusive.

4. What about working in an agile approach has been of value to MHCC?

Agile allowed us to make decisions thoroughly but quickly, and we were able to see outcomes very early in the project in the form of wire frames and designs. Sharing these early milestones with our internal stakeholders allowed us to build trust and confidence in the process and the project plan we would be delivering.