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Lexus – Agile Plan Phase

IE has undertaken a digital transformation project for Lexus Australia. During this process, IE took Lexus through a ‘IE Planning Phase’ which involves not only planning a digital project but majorly transforming an organisation. IE facilitated the process of aligning all stakeholders and bringing the organisation forward in terms of their digital thinking. The business is now embracing agile and is ready for their next step.

Jeroen Bleeker, Manager Applications, Analytics, Integration and Digital at Lexus Australia talks about the project below:

“Our industry is being disrupted, our customers are changing and our need to adapt is greater than ever. At the same time our company is going through substantial internal disruption; we are changing our corporate focus, transforming our operating environment and refreshing a substantial part of our core functions. Manufacturing will cease, marketing and sales will become a core focus, our sales channels are going through industry leading transformations, IT is realigning its focus and delivering to a digital customer and employee and our products will be more and more connected to the internet.

As part of the drive to align with a marketing oriented organisation, some key transformational projects have been entrusted in the hands of new functions in IT, who partner with new innovative partners to deliver transformational technology projects leveraging new technologies and methodologies. Such change requires an appetite for risk, trust and a leap of faith.

The IE Planning Phase helped us get perspective on what our business was asking for. It helped us visualise the key components that make up the total project and helped gain perspective on potential delivery model, cost and timelines. Most importantly, and unexpectedly, the planning phase helped our business teams change their thinking on how to deliver digital projects. It helped them:

    • Embrace new methodologies
    • Embrace science based decision making
    • Build confidence in themselves and the wider team on many levels, and;
    • Put them back in touch with our core values and associated them with technology and their jobs

We’re now well and truly underway in delivering the transformation our business desperately needed, and the teams that have trusted IT and IE have benefitted from the Planning Phase by literally being a year ahead and spending half the budgets of others.”