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Lean Cuisine & Leggo’s Providore Series

– Sitecore Modular Design

Simplot is a leading food manufacturer in Australia. With over 10 brands in its staple, Simplot required digital support to take their newer brands to the next level online. IE Agency was engaged to support the company in 2011 and is now Simplot’s digital partner.



In late 2013, IE produced for Simplot a new modular site design on the Sitecore platform. The goal with this project was to produce standardised functionality which could be re-skinned and developed according to each Simplot brand. Leveraging a fluid responsive design, the modular templates were the next step forward in Simplot’s online journey.

Following this, IE Agency was then approached to create two separate Sitecore websites from the modular templates: Lean Cuisine and Leggo’s new brand, Providore Series.

The objectives for the Lean Cuisine site were to:

  • Drive sales in supermarkets by providing customers with an easy-to-use ingredients list;
  • Redesign the website to provide a best practice user-interface design experience;
  • Optimise a landing page entitled “Our Range,” to inform users of the re-branding of Lean Cuisine’s latest products;
  • Include a Balanced Living section to inspire customers to engage with the Lean Cuisine team and learn about leading a nutritional lifestyle;
  • and enable social engagement to occur through including CTAs on the new site.

The objectives for the Providore site were to:

  • Promote the new range of unique and high quality ‘heat and pour sauces’, whilst also heavily featuring recipes to add a cross-promotion strategy to the site;
  • Create the site in an easy to update manner to allow for expansion and evolution of the brand in the future;
  • Ensure the back-end is organised in a manner which makes the content easily transferrable (modular);
  • Enable social engagement to occur through including CTAs on the new site.

The Journey

Lean Cuisine

IE Agency handled design and development for Lean Cuisine on the Sitecore platform. By utilising the templates IE had already created, the process was made quicker and more efficient. IE delivered creative designs for the homepage, Our Range landing page, product pages and Balanced Living landing page for the project. IE’s design team thought about best-practice user-experience (UX) and creative in their approach, with a particular focus on optimising for the responsive design.

The pages were then implemented and tested on the modular template by IE’s developers and testers. The team deployed the site in late 2014, on time and to budget.


Providore Series

After already producing the Lean Cuisine site, the Providore series was developed using the Lean Cuisine site as a guide for the functional requirements. The Providore Series design was handled by a third party with IE tasked with development. The Lean Cuisine site design was used as a guide for functional requirements and produced a very simple and clean design.

IE then developed, tested and deployed the Providore Series website on Sitecore using the modular templates.


Both sites now offer Simplot consumers the luxury of optimal viewing on their favourite device, screen size and resolution. But most importantly, they facilitate a mobile experience whilst shopping at the supermarket.

Successes of both projects were:

  • Delivering the websites on time and under budget
  • The first fluid responsive designed sites in the Simplot brand staple